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Dr. Klotz

Dr. Klotz 5/17/2011

1995 Mercedes Benz SL600 Base 12 Cyl 6.0L


are these P/N's interchangeable?

My mechanic says I need an “Air Mass Meter” .
I went on the website at JCWhitney and found the part W0133-1716407. My mechanic checked it
out and agreed it was the right part. I was never told but the vendor cancelled my order because he said the part is no longer available. When I enter all the pertinent information on your website I get
a part W0133-1597441. Do I dare order this instead? [email protected] 925-954-5451

1 Answer

Spoon Sports

Spoon Sports 5/17/2011

As long as you have the 5 pin round connector it will fit. Im sure someone will be calling you anytime soon for the order confirmation.


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