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pablo 9/15/2010

2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser Base 4 Cyl 2.40L


i pluged in a OBD 11 scanner

it read code P0300 random/multiple cylinder misfire detected.
P0016 cam/crnkshaft pos. correlation sensor A-bank 1. so how do i fix this. thank you

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DrkShdw983 9/15/2010

The two codes are most likely related. A bad crankshaft position sensor can cause cylinder misfire(s). To replace this you'll first need to locate it. I can't say for sure where it is on the PT cruiser since I've never worked on one but two common locations are:
1.) On the transmission bell housing where the transmission meets the engine
2.) Near the crankshaft pulley where the belts are
If you have trouble finding it, pick up a repair manual for your car from an auto parts store. When you find it, replacing it should be fairly easy. Typically it goes something like this:
1.) Remove the electrical connector
2.) Remove the two bolts holding it in
3.) Pull it out
4.) Installation is the reverse of removal
If you find it on the transmission bell housing than make sure you are extremely careful not to drop one of the bolts into the bell housing because the only way you'll get it out is to remove the transmission! Good luck!


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