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Kenneth Ishoy

Kennet ... 3/9/2011

1980 Ford Pinto Base 4 Cyl 2.3L


My Pinto is part of a kit car (1929 Mercedes Gazelle). How can I remove the push rod in the master cylinder?

I installed a rebuilt master cylinder and after I got it in the car, I needed to modify the brake push rod that goes into the master cylinder. There is a clip on the end of the rod to prevent the rod from coming out of the master cylinder, but how can I get it out of there if I need to??

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RC 3/9/2011

I seem to remember pulliong those out before. Have you tried?


Kenneth Ishoy 3/10/2011

I have put as much force on it as I can with a come-along. It does not budge.

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