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Patrick Kimathi

Patric ... 1/18/2022

2008 BMW 323i Base 6 Cyl 2.50L


I have a persisting issue with my bmw e91

Hi, I have a persisting issue with my 2008 Bmw e91 Touring 320i (2.0L N46 Engine) I have diminished power and anytime i go uphill my car seems to get stuck in gear 2 or 3 and does not change gear until i descent. i have taken the car to several different mechanics to no avail, i have done timming on the engine, changed the gearbox, Changed the ECU/DME still after all that the car behaves the same and upon scanning no error codes whatsoever. Kindly somebody help as to what could be the issue. Thanks
Email: [email protected]

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Jimm 4/4/2022

Did you change and refill the transmission fluid - top off the fluid by making sure you checked the final level while the transmission was up to normal operating temperature?

Check the transmission when warmed up - change to each gear manually - then recheck the fluid level, add / drain as necessary to achieve the correct level at operating temperature.


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