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skylar palmer
skylar ... 2/21/2012
1984 GMC S15 Sierra Classic 6 Cyl 2.8L - Brakes
can someone pease awnser my quetion i neep help right away
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  • Frank's Auto
    Frank's Auto 2/21/2012
    what is your question?
    Frank's Auto
    skylar palmer 2/21/2012
    my question is that i hve a 1984 gmc s15 pickup 2.8 L v6 and recently the starter went out in it so i went to picked up a new one and i did so i tryed taking the old one out well i forgot to take out the crossmember so after i finaly took it out one of the wires broke it was a round black rubber deal so i redid it with ring connectors and went i put the new starter in i forgot to tape it up so when i went to turn the key is started to smoke so i unplugged the battery now i dont get pow to igni
    Frank's Auto
    skylar palmer 2/21/2012
    and now i dont get power to the ignition it used to have this steady beep when i insert the key now i dont have any of that and when i turn the lights on the light in front of the truck and in the cab comes on and when i turn the steering wheel back and forth it makes this meter like sound clicking can you please help
    Frank's Auto
    skylar palmer 2/21/2012
    and my turn signals work when i hi the shifter thang when i turn the key the battery indicator dosent come on its like i dont hav any power the the ignition and turn signals

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