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James Vaughn

James ... 1/26/2011

1992 Pontiac Grand Am GT 6 Cyl 3.30L

Preventive Maintenance

Peak brand battery jump starter

I have a Peak brand 450 amp battery jump starter box. only problem is I don't have a charger for it. Is anyone familiar with this box to know if i could hook up a regular battery charger to the cables on the box and charge it this way on trickle charge? it has a charge hole on the front. the website says you can charge it either by a/c or d/c. this hole looks about the size of the plug you plug into the back of a laptop. about a 1/4" round. i was just wondering if anyone may have charged one this way cause the charger is very hard to find and the one i found i coulda bought a house with the price i'd have to pay for it. thanks everyone

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