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nilo 1/20/2013

1980 Mercedes Benz 280SE Base 6 Cyl 2.8L


is a pcm ( module) interchangeable in 2 dodge dakotas?

My dakota starts well but wont run, then 'no bus" sign appears. I suspect my pcm so i want to try my friend's pcm on his own dakota same as mine

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Jimm 1/20/2013

The PCMs may be interchangeable to a point - depending on the year, the engine size and specific transmission. The PCM will still need to be reflashed / reset-up by the dealership to be correct for the vehicle it's installed into - and calibrated to the specific vehicle components. The PCMs are VIN protected so unless you flash it you cannot go from one vehicle to another. There is another consideration - the security code - some vehicles have the security code in the PCM, and some do not. Those PCMs with secuirty code will not easily interchange with a PCM without.
By the way, the 4.7 is different from the 3.9 and 5.x series engines and the PCMs are not interchangeable.

As far as the no BUS condition - you may have a loose/bad connection. Check the plugs and pins for corrosion, and inspect the wire harness between the PCM and the dashboard for any worn insulation/bare wire/frayed wire or anything else out of the ordinary.


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