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Katie 7/9/2010

2009 Mini Cooper S 4 Cyl 1.60L

Body & Interior

Why does my passenger window keep going down by itself after starting the engine?

It only opens a couple of inches and stops. And if you want to put it down, it will go down in one motion after you press the button once, but will not come up in only one motion. You have to hold the button till it closes completely.

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JunkFixer 7/9/2010

The FRP operating software needs to be updated and the affected window's hall sensor needs to be re-initialized. This is done via BMW's ISTA/P tool connected to a downlink (Note: when ISTA/P is attached to the vehicle, all modules that do not have the latest software will be updated at that time). There are very few shops in the aftermarket that possess the tool & software access. This operation will likely need to be performed by your local Mini dealer.


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