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Trina 8/19/2010

1997 BMW 528i Base 6 Cyl 2.8L

Preventive Maintenance

My passenger side windshield wiper is not working. The driver's side windshield wiper works; what is wrong?

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Bob R.

Bob R. 8/19/2010

Hi trina,
The two wiper blades are operated by a single motor, and connected by a series of linkages.
There is a good picture at realoem.com on this web page:

It's possible that the bolt that attaches the right wiper arm is loose, or that any of the pivot points on the linkages has come loose. You can get at the linkages, with the hood open, by removing the plastic housings where the wipers protrude from, and where the passenger air intake grills are. The good news is that the $300 wiper motor is working, and any of the other parts, if you need any, are relatively cheap. Let us know how succesful you are.


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