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Caron Kindell

Caron ... 2/8/2019

2012 Nissan Maxima SV 6 Cyl 3.50L

Body & Interior

My passenger seat just stop working

My passenger seat just gradually stop working. It started moving slow when moving it back or putting it down. To just moving back n forth but could t put it up or down. To just not moving at all. Could it be a fuse that's dead?

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Teddy B

Teddy B 2/8/2019

Even if a fuse is blown (dead) replacing that fuse will not actually find & resolve
the reason the seat moves slow.

You need to check for something in the seat tracks & various motor mechanisms,
to see if there is a drag or restriction to it working properly, like when it was new.

You may have to remove the seat from the vehicle & clean & lube the motor gear
drives & any track the seat slides on.

It could also be that in the last 7 years of use,that the seat motor is used a lot &
simply wore out & then tightened up & blow the fuse.

So some checking & testing of things is required before you pull the seat out,which
will be the case,if the motor has to be replaced.

As odd as it seems,removing the seat a year ago & doing the above inspection,cleaning
& lubing,may have kept it working,but no one does that sort thing,parts are just used
up to failure & the big repair bill.


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