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NJank 4/1/2010

1999 Chevrolet Venture Base 6 Cyl 3.40L


part number, GM cruise control throttle cable connecting clip?

1999 Chevy Venture. Cheap plastic clip connecting cruise control cable throttle broke. Is that a reparable/replacable clip, does the whole cable need to be replaced, and what would the relevant part numbers be. Should apply to a large number of GM vehicles.

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BTX16 8/3/2010

Here's a pic (just for the link below) an example of a throttle cable clip. I took this as an example for I can't find any available pic for your car. (only for BMW)


Just correct me if I'm right, if that is the clip that your looking for, I think you have to refer your car to the dealer for the replacement of the clip. There's no available clip to any list, it consist of a kit if you want to purchased. Dealer has the part that you need and they will fix your problem. I'm sorry but, thats the only thing I could suggest.


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