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Judy 5/8/2012

1993 Lexus LS400 Base 8 Cyl 4.0L

Body & Interior

What part do I need to get the dashboard display to stop blinking on and off?

The dashboard on my Lexus only work sometimes.
It will blink on for a few seconds and stay off mostly. Sometimes it stays on and blinks off for a few seconds. I was told I need a "dash cluster". But that part does not look like its the right one. I think it acts like a cold solder joint but were? Any ideas?

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David 12/20/2012

Judy, I have had exactly this kind of trouble with the instrument panel in my 1993 LS400 (I still have it and love it). First DO NOT take this problem to any dealer or other garage, even a Lexus specialty garage. Enormous waste of huge amount of $$$. You would be shocked by what the dealer will do to you.
Now, other people may have their favorites, but the series of problems I experienced over the years allowed me to weed out some of the bad "instrument panel" repair shops around the country, not to mention ruling out the dealer. By far, the best, cheapest and most reliable outfit is BBA Remanufacturing Inc., 300 Miles Standish Blvd., Taunton, MA, Ph: 1-866-573-2740. You can pull out the instrument panel yourself with remarkably ease (granted, doing it five times increased my skill.) BBA will send, maybe email, you instructions if you need them. Basically, you will remove a couple of small panel sections, starting with the one around your car key insert, then unscrew 3 screws on the TOP of the panel itself, You can't see these except with a mirror but your fingers will find then easily. Use a Phillips head, short screwdriver. The one in the trunk repair kit, left side, will probably work. When these are out, slide out the plastic front, disconnect it from a couple of connectors and put it aside (in a protective box or something) - the connectors are fussy but each has a place where a small tool will release a locking clip and then you can gently slide them apart with your fingers or wiggle something between them to pry them apart. Next start sliding the panel out and wiggle your hand behind it to unplug three, much longer connector sectiions from rear of the panel itself - this will be challenging but if you can commandeer a small child to reach behind and aid him or her by unlocking the clip, usually in the center of the connector, with a small pry tool, all three will eventually come free and then the panel can be wiggled out - it helps to have set your steering column to its lowest point - I started out removing the cover on the steering column & later discovered it wasn't necessary. Once the panel is in your lap, BBA will send you a UPS address label for you to paste on a box in which you have carefully, with lots of cushioning, packed the panel. UPS will pick it up the next day and in about 10 days or 2 weeks, your panel will be returned to you for re-installation in roughly the reverse order of actions described above. They will charge between $200 and $300 depending on how many problems you have to fix. Shipping costs - both ways - may total $50, probably less. And they give you a guarantee!!! A Real One! Mine had more problems about a year after their first fix (by BBA, I don't want to think about the three earlier (one of them10 times more expensive), stupid, wasted efforts), so I called them. They sent me a free shipping label, I shipped it to them and it was returned completely fixed in ten days WITHOUT ANY charges to me - not even for shipping. Please let me know if this works for you. David


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