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2014 BMW 550i GT Base 8 Cyl 4.40L


What does P0522 OBD-II Trouble Code stands for and what are its causes? How do I fix the Engine Oil Pressure Sensor of m

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PartsAvatar Ca 2/26/2018

What the P0522 code means?

The oil pressure sensor sends a message to the PCM (Power train Control Module), which gets transmitted in the form of a voltage reading. A vehicle will store P0522 when that message tells the PCM that the sensor is indicating too low of an oil pressure value.

What causes the P0522 code?

1. Faulty wiring or connection/connector in the oil pressure sender circuit
2. Faulty oil pressure sender/sensor
3. Open or short in circuit wiring
4. Low oil level, wrong oil, oil passage blockage

What are the symptoms of the P0522 code?

The service engine soon lamp and/or red low engine oil pressure warning lamp may be illuminated and a code will be stored in the PCM. Failure to turn the engine off during a low oil pressure situation will cause engine noise and possibly catastrophic engine failure.

How does a mechanic diagnose the P0522 code?

Clearing all codes and test driving the vehicle, observing live scanner data to see if the code returns

Inspecting the oil level and condition

Checking that the correct oil is being used and that the oil filter does not have a blockage

Common mistakes when diagnosing the P0522 code:

Oil pressure sensor replacement is common but not automatic. Many times an oil pressure sensor is replaced to correct a condition that has been prolonged too long. If internal engine failure has occurred, due to a low oil level/oil pressure condition, an oil sending unit may appear to rectify the situation for a time but the low oil pressure condition may return when the engine reaches normal operating temperature.

What repairs can fix the P0522 code?

1. Check the vehicle with a scanner and resetting the code, followed by road testing the vehicle to see if it returns.
2. Visually inspect the oil pressure sending unit's wiring and connectors to check for damaged wires, loose connections, or burned spots, replacing these as necessary.
3. Replace the oil pressure sensor if it does not test at the correct voltage


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