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bdd86 5/18/2015

2003 Buick LeSabre Limited 6 Cyl 3.80L


P0306 and p0300 codes. Car stuttering

I had a bad MAF sensor 2 months ago car was stalling and choking and replaced it. But before i did that i thought it was bad plugs and plug wires so i replaced those first. My first time... everything was fine for 2 months until yesterday. The car subtley started to lose power when accelerating and then i started it after work and it started to choke... rpms drop low to about 400 then return every 2 seconds while idling. Then when in gear it jumps when applying gas. The service engine light bwgan blinking. I put a odb2 on it and got error codes p0300 and p0306. So i replaced the coil packs and this didnt fix the issue. Im lost and dont know where to go from here. I cannot drive the car 10 miles it feels like it will stall.

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Michael Butler

Michael Butler 5/18/2015

A p0300 is a random misfire and a p0306 is a cylinder 6 I think, if this starter from sitting up it could be the plugs are foulded from lack of use or the fuel injectors are clogged


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