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Jeri 11/14/2021

2014 Dodge Charger SXT 6 Cyl 3.60L


Overheats while idling

So I've been having a overheating issue with my 2014 Dodge Charger sxt 3.6L it over heats while idling I replaced the radiator, the water pump, the temp sensor, overflow cap, and I also removed the thermostat because it was overheating and it still overheats without a thermostat and the only way it doesn't over heat is it I bypass the fan and the fan I believe is operating at low speed when the vehicle hits 219 and then shuts off at 212 please help resolve this and I did a leak down test on all cylinders and all of them pass with a leakage of 15% or less and I did a radiator pressure test at 18 pounds and it was steady and there wasn't any signs of leaks

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