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lilmis ... 4/1/2014

2002 Dodge Durango SLT 8 Cyl 4.70L


Overheating, car shuts off, wont restart

The upper and lower radiator hoses are swollen and hot. I have already replaced the thermostat and the radiator cap but they continue to bulge once the car has gotten hot causing it to overheat. Last night the upper hose got so hot that it disconnected itself from the radiator and blew antifreeze all over the engine. I let it cool and then disconnected it. Less than five minutes later the car shut off. I attempted to restart it a few times, but it would only shut off again. The mechanics have no idea what's going on. Help please! There are no public transportation options where I live, so my vehicle is a necessity. Thank you

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HouseCallAuto 4/2/2014

Most likely cause for the overheating is one of two things. of course I could list 18 things for you to check but I don't do that. I'm a mechanic still fixing cars every single day of my life so I will answer with real world fixes. You either have a clogged radiator or you have a water pump that has a broken or loose impeller. If the radiator is original then it has a high probability of being the cause. To check the water puimp impeller remove a heater hose coming off the engine and start the engine and see if there is flow sort of like a garden hose turned on low. If no flow and just a little dripping then remove the waterpump and look at the impeller.


Pepe 4/3/2014

Great answer HouseCallAuto, I would definitely check out the water pump, it may not be circulating the coolant enough or at all causing it to boil creating higher pressure equals higher temperature.


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