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RS42692 8/6/2018

2016 Dodge Challenger SXT 6 Cyl 3.60L

Steering & Suspension

Ongoing steering issue

My car currently has 16,000 Miles and the issue started at about 9,000 miles. When braking I notice a slight vibration in the steering wheel (not the heavy vibration caused by rotor issues, etc). The other occurrence of this issue is when driving over any slight bump, crack, uneven road, etc. The steering wheel itself moves around (almost as if it bounces back and forth drastically). I don't feel like I lose complete control of the car, but it definitely did not do this for the first 9,000 miles of driving. I have driven about 5-10 other cars over the SAME roads to compare the scenarios and my car is the only one where it bounces around. When driving at higher speeds, these bumps feel like I would literally lose control of the car if I wasn't already mentally prepared to handle it. The vibration goes away after doing a car alignment, but then gradually comes back over time...3 different dealer/repair shops cannot diagnose this. Any ideas?

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Teddy B

Teddy B 8/7/2018

Wheel Alignment is not done to correct any Vibration Issues.

ALL Vehicle Suspension,Steering & Wheel & Tire Problems have to be solved First,
& then check alignment.

Your situation only shows the lack of knowledge in Dealerships & Independent Shops.

People are leaving the industry & younger folks don't have the expertise that once was there.

The Only Suggestion is find a shop that Can Diagnose the problems.

I have that experience,but not your car & this is not the forum to guess,you need the patient
to look over.

There is an other issue & that is the shops don't make money checking your car & driving
it for day's until they find something. I would guess they limit work to what they can turn around

The problem you have is at the bottom of the list for diagnosing,I once owned a Trans Shop &
my employees give me those issues & walked back to what they felt was more important,so
suspension is a self learned vehicle specialty not many folks seen good at.

Obviously you should have no Brake Issues,so take them apart & Inspect everything,remove
all rust & lube where required. You don't necessarily need new parts but the rotors may need
to be turned.

I would park the car & not use it.
If the steering is doing anything at all,it's got problems & is not safe to use.

Did the Dealer check an Bulletins for similar known problems ?
Where the Struts/Shocks & any top Bearing Plates Checked ?

I would record any Data on a road test that pertains to the ABS System & Steering System
& look at that back at the shop.

Teddy B

RS42692 8/7/2018

Completely AGREE. I kept taking it to the dealer I bought it from (under warranty there) and I had the feeling of "they weren't really trying to fix the issue" I also have taken it to other shops. I can't keep taking my car places and needing to find alternative transportation to work. They talk to me like I'm crazy, but I know this car should NOT be doing this...My close friend (mechanic) also looked at all the front suspension and nothing was out of the ordinary.

Teddy B

Teddy B 8/7/2018

Try a shop that does nothing but Alignment,if you can find one.
You go for a road test & your driving,then switch seats & the shop
person drives back. Once the problem is there & it will be, if driven
correctly,they will believe you,it is not an alignment problem,but they
may have drive train & suspension experience. You need to do more
than the so called looking at things. It is a process to find the problem.

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