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mongoose 9/18/2010

2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser Limited 4 Cyl 2.4L


oil is on sparkplugs

daughter was driving to work and heard noise under the hood. after work she it to quick lube to have the oil change . they changed the oil,and gave her a report saying abnormal noise in engine. need tune-up at 111497 mile on odometer. brought the car home. i took a look at it. removed the sparkplug and found the sparkplug soaked in oil, continued to remove all plugs. three plug was soaked in oil. one was dry. all plugs needed to be replaced. they were in bad shape. what is goning on with the oil on the sparkplugs?

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Bill 9/18/2010

Blow by from bad piston rings, valves or a number of other things. You might want to quiz the driver just a bit more on driving habits to make sure someone can diagnose problem correctly. Engine could have overheated, etc. these things all help a mechanic to determine diagnosis


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