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AutoMD ... 5/11/2012

1999 Saturn SW1 Base 4 Cyl 1.9L


oil in spark plugs what is the cause car cranks but wont start

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AutoMD Member 5/26/2012

your valve cover gasket has 2 parts. the outer ring and the inner rings that go around the spark plug holes. Remove your valve cover, clean the surface very well. Obviously purchase a new valve cover gasket set first. Also buy some silicone, I like the orange high temp stuff. After cleaning up the surface of both head and valve cover areas. I repeat AFTER CLEANING BOTH SURFACES, put silicone on the rounded parts. the gsket is a fitted gasket, it will sort of snap into its place on the valve cover. The kit also comes with new rubber grommets for the bolts. You will need a pick. Pull them out and place them in the valve cover first then place over the head. These bolts need to be torqued in inch pounds, so find the specks and get the right wrench. there is no specific order, just go around and tighten to specks. I like to re tighten a week later to make sure its just purfect.

Now replace the old spark plugs, I like the bosch dual sparks. You don't have to gap them and you just put them in and go. Replace your wires, because they are probably order than dirt and replace your air filter.

If it won't start now you either have no spark witch is more detailed and you will probably need help. but the leak in your spark plug will be fixed.

remember love your saturn and it will love you.


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