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S-10 9/21/2012

2000 Chevrolet S10 LS 6 Cyl 4.30L


oil on the right side of Bellhousing. and down at the oil pan.

I replace PCV and someone told me there is cam plug at rear but behind bell case and rear main seal. but the org. oil filter housing is dry on the left side.

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HouseCallAuto 9/21/2012

I suspect that the valve cover or the intake manifold at the rear is leaking. I doubt rear main seal, hardlt ever see that and the times I hear about rear main seal I have my doubts and think it is the most often misdiagnosed repair. If you want to be siure, add a small / tiny bottle of oil dye to the oil and then after you are sure that there is new leakage (might happen right away or might happen after a day of driving), look at the wet area with an ultraviolet light and the new oil leagage will be highly flourescent an d you can follow the bright yellow / green trail to it's origin. Before I ever call a rear main I exhaust all possibilities and spend a lot of time looking at it until I am sold on a cause.


HouseCallAuto 9/21/2012

I believe that there is an oil pressure sending unit near the distributor also that could be the cause.

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