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alan tanner

alan ... 9/23/2012

1992 Ford Explorer Sport 6 Cyl 4.0L


why do i have oil in raditor

see oil in radiator

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CVO 9/24/2012

The only way for engine oil to get into the cooling system at such a high degree is if you have a cracked block. even a blown head gasket doesn't allow that much oil into the coolant system. if the block was cracked it would be the water jackets around the cylinder walls. even a cracked head would not allow for this to occure. now if you don't have engine oil in the coolant but transmission oil instead via the trans oil cooler this would mean that the radiator has a crack in the tanks along the side where the coils of the oil cooler runs through it,(this only applys to vehicles that have an integral trans oil cooler). another thing that could occure is that the heads are cracked and the coolant is mixing with the oil in the upper oil galleys in the heads and then getting pumped through the intake into the bypass.


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