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Ranch Hand

Ranch Hand 1/17/2018

1992 GMC K2500 Sierra SLE 8 Cyl 6.20L


Could my oil pressure switch not be activating lift pump in cold temperatures?

I'm at my wits end with this pickup. I'm a beginning rancher with very limited resources. This vehicle is absolutely VITAL for my daily winter feeding chores (bale bed pickup) and I really need a GMC guru right now.
We have had a cold snap here recently and i've been getting my butt kicked by this pickup. Just in the last month I have had some major cold starting issues. I replaced the lift pump (and oil pressure sensor), all the glow plugs, batteries AND starter. I have put in 2 new (top post) grounds and hot cable to the starter. The pickup will start now but wont reliably engage starter. When the engine is warm, the starter will engage first try, but cold I have to hit the key between 10 and 20x. When I finally get the starter to fire up it will turn over really strong but takes forever run without the starter aiding it. Its almost like its not getting fuel.
I have a power steering nightmare too if youre interested.

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