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Spoon ... 6/15/2012

1993 Honda Civic Si 4 Cyl 1.60L


Oil Pressure Question

I noticed oil on my spark plugs (3rd cylinder). Now, i have an oil pressure gauge and when idling its normal, at regular speed, its normal but if i gun it, the oil pressure pegs at 100 psi. Are they related? or is it something else?

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Jimm 6/16/2012

Check the pump to make sure its ok. I'm assuming the oil pickup is the same and in good condition. Honda has an oil flow orifice in the block where it meets the head in between cylinder 2 and 3 that regulates oil pressure to the head. If the oil flow orifice is clogged or blocked - it will get crazy oil pressure to the head.
I would expect the oil in the spark plug maybe related to the excess oil pressure on occaision.


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