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nassim ... 3/2/2013

2002 Audi TT Quattro Base 4 Cyl 1.80L


Is oil in intercoolers strict proof of turbo failure?

I own a 2002 TT 225hp; oil is all over the intercoolers and air pipes the mechanic says; he says my turbo needs replacement; although no blue smoke at all is visible when accelerating the car while idle (not completely sure if blue smoke is there while the car is running though). Is the oil in the intercoolers and air pipes enough proof to presume the Turbo needs replacement?
Second fact, at 1st and 2nd gears (most visibly) the car is seemingly weak, i mean weak, it used to be more powerful two years ago when i bought it, but once on the highway and at 3rd or 4th gear the car still seem to have some force; to get a clearer idea, i tested the 0-100km/h today, the car made it in about 10 to 11 seconds, which is obviously below the 6.8 seconds standard for the 225hp; is this again enough indication to presume the turbo needs replacement?
Third, i had the flexible pipe (engine-exhaust link) replaced a year ago since it was broken and making loud irregular noise throughout the

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HouseCallAuto 3/2/2013

The breather system should be checked by removing the oil dipstick and use a vacuum gauge on the dipstick tube to measure engine vacuum in the crankcase. The needle should barely fluctuate plus/minus 1" of vacuum at idle. Should there be more vacuum than this or if the needle does not move and reads "0", then inspect the breather system for a blocked suction jet valve or bad check valve/breather. If that checks out normal then yes I would agree that the turbo is junk and that all your power loss might be also related to a now partially restricted catalytic converter that has been taking on oil from the bad turbo. Do the vacuum test next. If the turbo is replaced, make sure to completely drain and clean the oil from the intercooler. The turbo oil cooler lines should always be replaced when installing a new turbo.


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