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Taylor 1/13/2020

2015 Hyundai Sonata SE 4 Cyl 2.40L


Oil cap sucked in to engine, giant cloud of smoke, engine, battery and oil light on. Anyone hear of this before?

While driving on the freeway, I ran over an unavoidable pallet in the middle of the road. No lights came on and my tires were fine. I got to my destination and drove my vehicle home 5 hours later. On the freeway again, I noticed that my car was "lagging" when accelerating (felt like it was shifting down and jumping to the next speed). Then a few minutes later there was a loud pop and a GIANT cloud of smoke behind me. My car started shaking (not terribly) and engine was making some noise but did not lose power. That's when my battery, oil and engine light came on.
After pulling over, my car was still smoking from the hood and upon opening my hood, my oil cap was sucked in to the engine (not sure what that area is called) Oil burning smell and oil spot after tow truck moved car. Wouldn't turn over even with a jump.
Has anyone ever heard of this or seen this? Anyone I've asked has not seen or heard of this happening and I can't find anything online. Also how bad does it sou

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Jimm 1/13/2020

Sounds like there was some external damage to the engine by the impact of the pallet. Check the engine - from bottom to top - for impact damage.

Oil pan damage, front timing cover, radiator, hoses, etc. Sounds severe from the few details provided - but the extent of the damage will need to be assessed before any cost estimates are offered.

Be sure to obtain 2-3 written estimates from local repair shops for the same work.


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