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AFA 11/7/2010

2000 Mazda B2500 SE 4 Cyl 2.5L


Occasionally truck will not start then 2 hours later it starts fine. Then it is good for 3 weeks and happens again

It happens first in the morning or after multiple stops so it happens all the time. Changed spark plugs, coil packs, plug wires, camshaft sensor, and still CANNOT solve the problem. See people on internet with same problem but never see a solution. PLEASE HELP !!!

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CVO 11/7/2010

1.In the event, the car won't start, place a piece of wood 2x4 under the fuel tank and give a nice whack under the 2x4 with a hammer to wake-up the fuel pump. If the car will start , replace the fuel pump.
2.Autozone ( not in California ), Advance Auto Parts could run a diagnostic data stream on the car with their scanner (or buy an inexpensive on ) and it will detect the margin, low sensors, fuel delivery etc....Hope this helps and be safe.


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