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tandso ... 10/21/2019

1997 Honda Accord Value Package 4 Cyl 2.20L


obd system check failed because its obd system was not ready to test

failed emission test,no powertrain DTCS or freeze frame data is presently stored in vehicles computer how can I fix it

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Jimm 10/21/2019

First, reset the OBD system by removing the negative terminal connection at the battery for about 10 minutes.

The data you want to retrieve has to be stored in the computer so you have to induce a code set. Currently there are no codes stored.
To induce a code set turn the key off, remove the CTS connector and start the engine, turn the key off and wait 30 seconds then start the engine again, turn it off then try to pull the codes.
This should set a code for the CTS with freeze frame data stored at the time of the code set.


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