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vjk 9/23/2012

2005 Saturn Ion Red Line 4 Cyl 2.0L


O2 sensor won't come out

It is stuck, wrech is just rounding corners

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rick 9/23/2012

A few tricks that might help . They can get really stuck . First use a small propane torch and heat up around the sensor (don't heat the sensor itself ) . It will make the treads expand just a little bit . Now why still HOT try to turn sensor back and forth to remove . Might have to try a few times . Also if you round the corners to bad you can try the old standby . A pair of vice grips . But what works the best is a small pipe wrench ( about 6-8 inches long ) Unlike vice grips a pipe wrench will grab harder the harder you pull on it . After it's out and ready for the new one put a little anti seize on the treads before you install . Helps if you ever have to take it out again .


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