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cocomoe 1/23/2015

1998 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 8 Cyl 4.60L

Preventive Maintenance

I noticed that i accumulate moisture on the floors of my s.u.v.It started on the passenger side then went to the driver

Side,now it staring in tha back. Now ive been havin problems wit the truck overheatin occassionally. So i replaced the whole radiator system. Ive had tha truck fo over a yr now, and if im not mistaking i believe that i purchased it with a cracked head gasket,or block. I got a oil like substance that accumulated in my overflow can. So i do no there is something is goin on, but every time i take it to the shop it neva show any of the sgns that it does these thangs. Is there any help fo me.

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Fuellnjected 1/23/2015

Sounds like the heater core may be leaking, it's located in the dash and is basically a small radiator that uses fans to blow hot air into the cabin. You'll have to get the engine hot and access the core to see if it's wet.


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