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AutoMD ... 8/7/2014

2002 Ford Taurus SE 6 Cyl 3.0L


Is it normal to see sparks coming from ignition coil where spark plug wires connect when there are no wires connected?

Car has been misfiring since plug wires were installed in wrong order. They are installed correctly now but still running rough. Was running fine before being tampered with.

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Ozzie 1/9/2015

Did your engine light come on and if so what code did it give you? I have a 2002 Mercury Sable 3.0 GS and once in a while it would give me P0301 or P0305 and then once in a while it would give me P0300 Random Misfire or P0171 & P0172 Bank 1 and Bank 2. I knew it was not my plugs or wires cause I had the engine tuned up and changed wires so I checked Coil and there was my problem. By the way it only did this on idle cause once I had it at high idle it would run perfect. So check your coil.


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