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brittn ... 6/27/2012
1999 Chrysler Sebring LXi 6 Cyl 2.5L - Preventive Maintenance
noise from driver side front of car
167,*** miles has new battery, oil change, fuel and intake cleaner, serpieten belt(spelling)....there are no lights on in the car...i noticed it bout four day's ago comming from the front of the driver side of the car when i first start the car and take off it will make a high pitched squealing noise when i brake or turn makes a little chirp if i hit a bump in the road on that side of the car.....after a couple blocks of driving maybe (3-4) blocks it really doesnt happen was stalling out randomly when idling but than i added the fuel and intake cleaner and it hasnt been doing that will not happen if i am parked and turning the wheel and when i am driving it's only turning to the right that cause's it while the car is warming up....
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  • RC
    RC 6/27/2012
    Should check the brake pads and wheel bearing.
  • brittnayann89
    brittnayann89 6/27/2012
    trying to get some idea's on what could be causing it because to get the tire off i have to go to a shop because a normal jack won't fit under the car because it sits way to low to the ground and thank you for your answer

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