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mack 8/9/2010
1981 Mercedes Benz 380SLC Base 4Cyl3.4L - Engine
were are the motor mounts located
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  • Ladiesman217
    Ladiesman217 8/9/2010
    You have several mounts by the way

    1. Tranny mount which is located underneath your engine, you have to lift your vehicle to access it.

    WSEM8629 - This is what it looks like

    2. Driver side motor mount which can be seen on top of your engine

    W0133-1617069 - This is what it looks like

    3. Passenger side

    W0133-1620714 - This is what it looks like

    4. I suggest you also replace your engine torque mount, to provide better vibration absorption.

    W0133-1621513 you need 2 sets

    5. You also have a differential mount

    W0133-1622068 - This is what it looks like

    All of them came from

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