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AutoMD ... 10/29/2013

2004 Dodge Stratus SE 6 Cyl 2.7L


my motor dies at slow speeds when turning into a driveway or parking lot, for instance, but it easily restarts

The problem has been happening for a couple of years but is getting worse. It still is intermittent, maybe only happening once or twice a month. I have 160,000 miles on the motor. And it doesn't always seem to want to shift gears as I change speeds. I do not notice the check engine" light come on when it dies.

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bear.1216 10/30/2013

When was your last tune-up. Is your idle rpm low. I have seen this symptom many times on Chrysler vehicles. It is usually caused by sticking purge solenoid. The solenoid opens at highway speeds to burn up excess fuel vapors. If it sticks open it will flood and stall the engine at idle. This commonly happens when you drive 15 minutes to get groceries and car stalls when you pull into parking stall. If this sounds familiar replace the canister purge solenoid.


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