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Ray 3/9/2012

2001 Volkswagen EuroVan GLS 6 Cyl 2.80L


In two months broke the serpentine belt twice

The first time was my father driving and the serpintene belt broke this time I found a noise coming from the engine drivers-side sounds like a timing chain noise i don't know if that is the place for it on the right side facing the car fron I found that after the belt broke this is the second time the engine start and run OK I look at the belt pulley an Engine is OK,Power steering OK, Alternator OK Aircondition OK, Tensioner is new OK and is other (pullery that I don' know the name of it is in the one in the middle and is a pulley without groves there are all togheter 6 pulley going around the belt but the one I don't know the name is not moving freely like the other ones I have an schamatic for the belt. Thank you for any help

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Spoon Sports

Spoon Sports 3/10/2012


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