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yooj 10/4/2012
2008 Volkswagen Passat 2.0T 4 Cyl 2.0L - Engine
About a month ago, my car started have SIGNIFIANTLY high fuel consumption
About a month ago, noticed that my car's fuel gauge on the dashboard is dropping significantly (both the needle movement, and the available drive-range that appears on the computer system). 08 Passat is known as (according to Internet) having 22 mpg in-cities. Currently the mpg on computer system appears to be 21. However, as mentioned above, the needle movement and available drive-range is dropping crazy, like when I drive 4 miles, it consumes about 20 miles drive-range, and the needle drops about a whole tick (between the lines in fuel gauge). So three weeks ago, received wheel alignment. Went back to normal for a week, started to do it again, checked alignment and balance, but it did not improve. Went to VW dealership 2days ago, found out at 40,000miles, they provide fuel sensor and tank related service - after receiving, them, it went back to normal, and started the problem again, sometimes not, sometimes (majority of time) do. Is this sensor problem? or actual engine, etc related?
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  • yooj
    yooj 10/4/2012
    - it is 8 model, have 41000 miles on it, and there's no check engine sign or anything on on the dash board, is it fuel sensor related problem? - it just appears to be consuming a lot but the actual gas is there? or is it something leaking, anything performance related problem? Thanks in advance!

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