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Leo 1/5/2022

2012 Infiniti G37 Sport 6 Cyl 3.70L

Body & Interior

What module is failing on my G37?

When I start the engine the key warning light stays on, but the dashboard display never provides its prompt. The engine runs uninterrupted, no problem, but when I finally stop the engine the vehicle will not start again unless the power is completely cycled: disconnect the negative lead of the battery for 30 seconds. The vehicle starts exactly 1 time per power cycle or overnight rest.
These additional symptoms are not affected by power cycling:
The dome lights are not working whether automatically or via manual activation; the "map light" is lit as normal.
Sunroof does not work. Checked for signs of leaks by gently running my fingers around the space below it, found a bit of grease but no water.
The door lock buttons, including those on the key work for unlock, but not lock. I can use the key fob, double click the door button, or press the unlock buttons on either front doors to unlock all of the vehicle's doors; but I cannot lock any of them without manually throwing the locks.

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