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EN 12/25/2020

1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 4 Cyl 2.00L


Mitsubishi Express van fuel contamination! Am I right and what can I do next?

Hi, so the story is I'm currently driving through the Australian Outback during the wet season. The other day we went to a petrol station just before Alice Springs, where I was warned one of the pumps was faulty due to flooding that night and told to use the other. (This wasn't sign posted at all a guy just yelled at me from inside) Normally this is a big red flag for me but we had used our last jerry can and I thought better safe than sorry. As I arrive into the city I notice the van seems to be shuddering and it's usual hum is very spluttery. There's less power and I feel like it's on the brink of stalling. Perhaps fuel starved? I look in the engine and everything else seems normal but the fuel filter has more fluid in it than before. I'm almost confident this is the problem but wondering what I can do to fix this myself and if I need to replace the fuel filter also?
Any help would be appreciated as I want to continue driving again ASAP. Cheers!

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Jimm 12/26/2020

Most likely there is water in the fuel system. If this is the case, the system must be drained and flushed.


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