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Urbunner 6/30/2020

2010 Jeep Compass Limited 4 Cyl 2.40L


Misfiring after crankshaft sensor replacement

I have a 2010 jeep compass and got a po300 code indicating a bad crankshaft sensor. Put a new sensor in. Drove it around about 20 minutes and it seemed like the sensor relearned and the car was driving fine. The past 2 days it started out missing and sputtering and I had to drive it around 20 minutes till it was fine again. What are possible reasons for this?

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Teddy B

Teddy B 6/30/2020

PO 300 --- is a Cylinder Misfire Code not specific to which one or how many.

PO 335 -- would be a Crank Position Sensor.

You DO NOT REPLACE ANY PARTS -- because you have OBD Codes.

You look at vehicle data & then use the code to further diagnose the system
with an issue & component test to see if a part failed.

If a Part fails a test,you replace it & then repeat the test the same a you found a fault.

You need to work on the cause of cylinder misfires before you ruin the exhaust converter.

Air,Fuel Spark,Vacuum,Exhaust,O2,Lack of Preventative Maintenance,etc.


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