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birdie ... 5/7/2010

1996 Saturn SW2 Base 4 Cyl 1.9L


misfire when given gas in 1 cylinder and tach stars going up and down till it diesbut then starts right back up

misfire in cylinder 3 changed plugs wires it only runs bad for a few minutes then engine light comes on and dies yuo can start it right back up with the light still on and it runs ok seems to happen more when you give it more gas to fast could it be the computer i believe each cylinder has its own chip for each injector

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HKS Guy 10/15/2010

I believe you got the P0301 - misfire cylinder 1

FYI P0302-304 are the codes for misfires for each cylinder.

It can be any of these

1. Faulty plug or wire
2. Faulty coil pack
3. Faulty o2 sensors
4. Faulty fuel injectors
5. Burned exhaust valve
6. Faulty Cat
7. Poor compression
8. Defective computer

You dont want the last 2 to happen to you trust me.


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