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Lana 5/26/2014

1995 Ford F-150 XLT 6 Cyl 4.9L

Preventive Maintenance

Are mfg required to honor recalls no matter how old the vehicle?

I inherited truck from husband (deceased) I know he did not take it for recalls. I'm assuming VIN is registered and Ford knows if they owe a 'f'ix' on this vehicle

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Jimm 5/26/2014

Short answer - it depends. Some recalls are safety related and as such, usually have no expiration date. Other recalls are for certain models, certain defects with certain conditions and may have an expiration date.
For any recall question regarding applicability for your vehicle - best to first check with the local dealerships in your area.


Lana 5/26/2014

thanks, I look at recalls, saw seat issue and thought this might be an important one to check on. Just had dealer do fix on engine catching fire. They were very nice, found leaking injectors onto maniford & were able to recreate the fire I had. $2500 later to fix the leaking injectors (apparently not part of the recall...) and I didn't even get the windshield washed. With this investment in an old truck I want to be sure I get anything fixed on their recall list.:)
And yes they saw me coming

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