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Blanca 1/5/2018

2014 GMC Terrain SLT 4 Cyl 2.40L


A message appered on the screen that says Stabilitrak error. What does that mean? Is it serious?

I recently changed the car's brakes pads, does that has something to do with the error message?

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HouseCallAuto 1/5/2018

Probably not but to find the cause the fault codes need to be accessed with a scan tool attached to the diagnostic connector under the dash. On GM vehicles it is common to have StabiliTrak® error message when a Powertrain code is stored in memory. It usually means that the computer has disabled StabiliTrak® due to a fault in the Powertrain. When the fault in the Powertrain is solved StabiliTrak® message will also go away.


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