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mikepa ... 12/27/2012

1988 Mercedes Benz 420SEL Base 8 Cyl 4.2L

Body & Interior

Hello and merry christmax to everyone , i have 1988 merceds S320 v6 not 420sel anyway

my automative remout quite working , , sometime work if i put new batty instal . and after 2 day not working again aseum something eating my battery , but i cheek my remout is all working fin, please help me i know is something simple but i can not figer that out we talking about door luck and remout to open car doors , thanks again mike

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Bill 12/27/2012

When it comes to a remote not working properly,and it's this old I would suggest investing in a new one. I'm not sure how you can test a remote against battery drain without some pretty sophisticated test equipment and know how. Seasons Greetings to ya


mikeparandian 12/28/2012

thanks bill for your help , test remote by my own iphon camera and is light flasing so remote asume be ok , but some thing eating battery on the remote, please lete me know is any other sulotion thanks again mike

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