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derric ... 12/18/2012
2006 Mercury Milan Premier 4 Cyl 2.3L - Preventive Maintenance
Mercury Milan will not start
The car was riding well last night. I stopped home to drop my kids off then decided to go to the store. When I went to start the car I wouldn't start. All I hear is a buzzing/repetitive clicking noise, the anti theft light is flashing. I thought is was the battery but the brake lights still come on however no lights inside the car will come on. The buzzing sound is coming from the drivers side air/heat vent. Please help!
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  • toddio125
    toddio125 12/18/2012
    A bad battery can still be the cause of your concern. The bulbs in the car require very little amperage to light but the starter requires a lot. If the battery cannot supply the required amperage to the starter it will not start. The buzzing could be caused by low voltage to the various electronic modules caused by a 'brown out' when you try to start the car. I would try to jump start the vehicle first. If this works, replace the battery.
    If that does not work it can get complicated quickly... GEM module, PATS, P/N switch... lots of individual tests on many components would need to be checked. They are quick checks with the right diagnostic equipment, but not suited to the do it yourselfer.
    derrickriley 12/18/2012
    Thank you for the response. So if it is the battery and I replace it, does that fix the issue of the buzzing? I really hopes this helps as this car is my alone source to work😔
  • toddio125
    toddio125 12/19/2012
    It could be. The buzzing could be caused by a relay or other electrical component that is not receiving the correct voltage and or amperage required for proper operation. Before you replace the battery, try to get a friend to help jump start the car. If it starts, leave the cables connected for a moment and see if all the symptoms subside. If all is normal, replace the battery.

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