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donald 4/12/2012

2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Base 4. Cyl 2.4L

Preventive Maintenance

massive evap leak, what does this mean?

gas cap was changed and the check engine light remains on

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yboy82 4/12/2012

Do you mean you have P0455 troublecode? If so,

P0455 means Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected (large leak). P0455 means that there is a lack of purge flow or fuel vapor leak (large leak) in the EVAP control system.

Possible Causes:

Loose or missing gas cap
Incorrect or defective gas cap
Leak or damage in the EVAP system and/or in the fuel vapor hose or tube

Possible Solutions:

Remove and reinstall gas cap
Replace gas cap
Repair or replace fuel vapor hose or tube and/or the leaking component in the EVAP system

Dodge hemi

Dodge hemi 4/12/2012

Try check the hoses for the leak it has two hose should be in front of fuse box under hood


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