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Kevin Leukhardt

Kevin ... 12/22/2017

2008 Mercury Mariner Premier 6 Cyl 3.00L


Market rates for camshaft seal replacement

I was hoping you could tell me what the labor rate is on replacing the camshaft seal on my 2008 Mercury Mariner with the 3.0L V-6?
The job requires a special tool to remove the water pump pulley to access the camshaft seal.
Can you shed any light on the costs involved for this job ?
Thanks and Merry Christmas

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HouseCallAuto 12/24/2017

The water pump special tool cost is about $175 to $225 depending on where you order it from. The only place that is going to keep this tool in their shop is a Ford dealer. If you have Ford fix this you will pay a higher labor cost per hour, much higher. You are not likely to find a local shop that has this tool (I doubt it unless they have done one prior) so my advice is order the tool (T94P-6312-AH) from the cheapest supplier you can find (google that part number) and then get estimates for the seal replacement from a local shop and tell the shop you have the tool. After the repair is done - get the tool back from them and either sell it on ebay at a good price or rent it out to someone (over and over) else that needs it - use ebay for the rental offer. I see a labor estimate of 3.6 hours for the left bank and 5.0 hours for the right bank, not sure what bank the seal is in. The hours are a guide only, there are reasonable exceptions, but not having the special tool is not one of them.


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