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Tiffany Falconer

Tiffan ... 8/23/2010

2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser Base 4 Cyl 2.4L

Preventive Maintenance

What is the manufactures recomended replacement for my 2001 pt cruisers control arm bushings? And how long do they last?

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AC130 Spectre

AC130 Spectre 8/23/2010

Well, you have to inspect them every 7.5K miles, inspect because depending on how you use your car, some suspension components can last for several thousands of miles.

How long do they last? Once again depending on how you use your car, now to give you an idea on their lifespan, let's use my car as an example (A 93 Honda Civic), i treat her better than my girlfirend and my self so my bushings and ball joints last for more than 30k miles. I think it's even more because i can't remember the last time i replaced them.


bear.1216 9/4/2013

There is no recommend interval for replacement. You replace them when they show signs of wear. cracking peeling looseness or fluid contamination. Your specific vehicle has common problems with the rear vertical bushing tearing out because of its design flaw. This type of bushing requires replacement more often than other vehicles. They should be inspected every oil change for wear. Every time you install new tires you should have the suspension checked and realigned.


HouseCallAuto 9/4/2013

There is no replacement interval for control arm bushings. You replace them when they show signs of failing.


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