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dejs 10/24/2010

1983 Chevrolet K10 Suburban Custom 8 Cyl 5.7L


manual choke for 1983 rochestor carb.

I have a 1978 datsun 280z that a 1983 chevrolet suburban chevrolet engine was dropped into. It has a 4 bbl rochestor carb. with a electronic choke.The datsun has no setup for electronic choke. Can a manual choke be placed on the carb or would I need to get a different carb with a manual choke? Thanks

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AWACS E3 Sentry

AWACS E3 Sentry 10/25/2010

Just a get a carb with a manual choke. What you did to your car is WICKED by the way, im sure your front wheels are not used to touching the ground :) hehehe


Draco 10/23/2011

an electric choke is only powered to the fuse box with small amperage. A manual choke sometimes depend on air filter clearance because its bulkier body of it thus takes more room and need room for cable with clearance for it to move without binding if hitting up against something which is not good and agrivating when it sticks. And running the actuator control up to the dashboard makng a hole with clearance for the cble behind the dash too. the elec is smaller and contained. the advantage of a manual choke is only while the engine warms up you can tweek it to still get performance is all requiring experiance to even keep in tune with it as it warms up to actually be effective. A auto elec choke is always the way to go unless keeping this original from factory.


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