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farl 2/15/2013

2002 Honda Civic LX 4 Cyl 1.70L


major problem any ideas?

having a problem with my vehicle
battery lite flashed once while driving on the highway accelerating and then my engine light came on car started to idle and run terribly I noticed that my tachometer wasn't working my temperature gauge wasn't working and the green immobilizer key was flashing on the dash
I turn the car off for a few minutes figured to clear the problem however when I start it up my tachometer still wasn't working temperature gauge wasn't working and the green key was flashing on the dashboard everything else worked and had power
I drove the car in gear d2 because it was easier to drive that way since Gears didn't seem to be changing well
I have done a lot a reading on this and noticed most people talk about the alternator possible causing problem and a fried ecu
I did bring the car to a mechanic who tested the alternator and the battery which seems to be fine however we hooked up the computer to find out what code was there and there was no communication with

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Bill 2/16/2013

Bad ECU my friend. You need a new one.


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