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rommel 12/3/2011

2011 BMW 328i Base 6 Cyl 3.00L

Preventive Maintenance

When is my next maintenance schedule after 20000 miles

What is my maintenance schedule

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Jimm 12/4/2011

You might check the vehicle owners manual in the maintenance section for the maintenance schedule.
15, 30, 45, 60, and 75000 mile intervals.
30,000 miles scheduled items;
Replace air cleaner/element,
Replace valve cover gasket and bushings,
Inspect timing belt
Inspect and adjust valve clearance
Flush and pressure test cooling system
Inpect and change differential fluid
Inspect and change drive belts
Service transmission
Change brake fluid
Replace spark plugs
Inspect transmission
Replace engine oil and filter
Inspect clutch
Rotate tires and inspect tread depth and wear pattern
Inspect suspension components
Replace cabin air filter
Inspect brake system and adjust hand brake
Replace fuel filter
Inspect fuel system
Check horn, headlamp flashers, hazard flashers, and turn signals, lights, and controls
Inspect steering system
Inspect body corrosion and paint condition
Lubricate door, hood hinges, and locks
Inspect and adjust drive belt (though drive belt is self-adjusting / self-tensioning)
Inspect and lubricate electrical antenna
Inspect all fluid levels
Inspect A/C and heating systems
Inspect seat/safety belts, SRS airbag units, and windshield washer systems
Safety check and road test
Inspect engine


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