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rooney 3/18/2010

1998 Mercedes Benz E320 Base 6 Cyl 3.2L


Loud noise in engine, car hesitates and jerks while driving

Last night while driving, I noticed how different my car sounded ( like when driving on a badly paved street...).. Since my tires had just been replaced , I pulled over to do a quick inspection and felt a tap from the rear of the car.. Now there is a loud noise when I start the engine. Also, upon driving the car hesitates and jerks constantly. Any idea's?

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Chris2000 3/18/2010

The hesitation can be a an engine control sensor like a tps switch, or any number of other possibilities. When you say hesitates and Jerks can you be more specific, it happens when you accelerate from a stop, it happens when you are cruising at a constant speed? The loud noise when youstart the car can you pinpoint where the noise is coming from? under the vehicle the engine compartment? and what does it sound like? is it a loud whinning or a squeal? What were you doing when you inspected the rear when you felt the tap, where you doing a bounce test? pushing up and down on the bumper? Sorry for so many questions, but answers will help start to figure out your problems.


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